A late ‘Winterisation’ 24.02.15

Destiny has been kept afloat all winter at La Roche Bernard, and apart from some very green decks, has survived well with no ill effects.

The time has come to put her ashore for a while for antifouling and a ‘rest’ from the water, so 24.02.15 was the due date.

We have taken a years contract with the Marina utilising the afloat on a pontoon / ashore in the Port Fonctionnel, option. This means 3/12 afloat and 3/12 ashore in both the winter and summer periods, in any combination you like within a maximum of 10 lift ins/out per year and a weeks notice required.

Any time spent away sailing does not count as ”afloat, so if you say spend a month away cruising you can be afloat for 4/12 in the summer. All water and electricity is included and you do not necessarily have to be present for the lifting. On a lift out the hull is pressure washed at no extra cost and well cradled in a secure yard with the ability to sleep on board if you wish.

In addition, when away cruising we have the benefit of the ‘Passport Escales’ which gives up to 2 nights consecutive free berthing at over 80 marina’s in W France (and some in the UK as well). No more paying for marina charges whilst cruising!

The catch? Haven’t seen one yet, and the yearly cost is 1/3 of keeping her in Plymouth! So even with all the extra ferry and motoring costs in getting here, there are still substantial savings in keeping a boat in France against the UK!

Looking forward to the relaunch in May and the start of the next cruise!

Haul out at Marzan 24.02.15

Up the hill to the Port Fonctionnel

Port Fonctionnel

Port Fonctionnel


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