End of Season 2015 – summary

07.10.15 – End of the 2015 season. Only 144.5 Nm covered, but in very pleasant weather and surroundings. Inevitiably this year was going to be curtailed due to family commitments at home and also putting down roots in Brittany with the purchase of a second home near to Ploermel. (See ”The Plan”) At 45-50 minutes from Destiny’s berth, the prospect of the occasional evening sail is now a reality, the closest we have ever been to one of our boats!

So more changes to our berthing arrangements – whilst the afloat / ashore contract we had in 2015 worked very well, we now need the flexibility to use Destiny at short notice if we are in the house and the whim takes us! We had to wait 6/12 but now have a full year afloat contract which guarantees a berth, but not necessarily the same one for the whole year, although apparently moves will not be frequent. As well as the flexibility of the free berthing with the Passport Escales we now have 4/52 ashore with discounted lifting, and also through the Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan who run LRB the ability to overwinter in their other marina’s at Crouesty and Arzal. Lots more options!

As to next year – no plans yet. With the Brittany house to finish, and ties still in the UK, we will probably aim for Brittany cruising in 2016 and a long return trip to Portugal 2017/18.

Who knows?

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