End of Season 2016 – summary

23.09.16 – End of the 2016 season. Still not as much sailing as we would have liked but commitments that have held us back are easing and 2017 is showing promise of more time afloat.

Yet another change to our berthing arrangements! SPL Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan have introduced a new Contract ”Optimum 12”. This gives 5/12 ashore from 1st November to 31st March and 7/12 afloat of which 5/12 can be within LRB and 2/12 must be away or back ashore. 4 lifts (2 in and outs) are included in the contract. Even better than the annual one as far as we are concerned.

So as to 2017. Portugal is pushed back to 2019 and more time planned to explore the beautiful coastline of Southern Brittany!

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