2018 End of season summary

Due to the incapacity of the Skipper, it was not the most active of seasons, however, new destinations reached during the Autumn cruise made up for the earlier part of the season. Destiny performed well with the only equipment issue being a failure of the ST60 wind instrument. Diagnostics indicate that the fault is the transducer at the top of the mast, so will be replaced for next season.

The failure of the engine hours counter on Volvo instrumentation is a well known issue. Using the well tried method of recovery (putting the gauge in an airing cupboard for a month) produced a total reading of 825.6 hrs. This reading shows fleetingly on reconnection, but doesn’t last, hence the need for a separate counter. However, as the gauge is still counting, even though not visible, the ‘new metered hours’ subtracted from the total, will give the ‘missing hours’ factor to be added to make a true cumulative reading. In this case 688.

Destiny was lifted ashore for the winter on 8th October 2018.                                             Total log now 3694.8 Nm. Total EH 825.5

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