2022 – End of Season Summary

Cum log reading            . Cum EH            (total).        Nm travelled this season. Two very enjoyable cruises, however, the autumn one was very much curtailed by the constrictions of boat movements in and out of the Vilaine. Every year since we arrived has seen some limitations during September with locking timings. Often the number has been reduced each day, and at extremes the locks had been confined to Friday through to Mondays only. The main reason is not so much water levels but at low water flow down the river the ingress of salt water when locking was taking place was causing problems with contamination of the drinking water reservoir that is the Vilaine. After this years major effect on the leisure industry where boats could not be launched, and not allowed to go to sea, it has been announced that measures will be put in place for 2023 to ensure it cannot happen again. – We shall see!

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